You are safe. It’s time to relax, unwind your mind and soothe your spirit.

I am so happy to be open and serving the beautiful Stanwood area! Things have come a long way from the Industrial sleekness of our former home inside The Rainier Brewery. This current location is tucked up in the seven lakes region inside my Lake Goodwin area home.

Take time to look around at the trees, mountains and lakes while you drive over to visit. Start feeling at peace. I am so honored to have each and every one of you here!

I am Amy Billings, a full-time mother with a passion for massage, essential oils, and nature!

I enjoy taking massage, natural healing, and crystal classes. I want to improve my skills and deepen my knowledge in aromatherapy, Chakra balancing, Ayurveda, hot stone, and cupping therapy. These modalities blend together in every massage session I have the pleasure of providing giving us plenty of options and leaving you deeply relaxed. We can focus on your immune system, chronic pain, energy flow or a combination of the three.

When I am not focused on massage, I can be found wandering the forests with my two fantastic kids, exploring different farmers markets, growing delicious food #eatyouryard and in my Kitchen!!! If you ever need a dinner suggestion I’ve got you covered! I love the concept of farm to table and do my best to support local business of all types!!

Sugar, my beautiful Ragdoll-Siamese kitty, will be locked safely away upstairs during your visit. She is extremely social and I don’t want her to join you on the massage table! Arie is our very friendly Husky mix. She will most likely greet you on your way up the driveway. Don’t worry she is restricted by the glass and loves guests so feel free to talk to her!

I am so blessed to have a giant kitchen table, gathering with friends and family is so important and I love being able to share one space! I host regular essential oil make-and-take classes for a night of education and fun! If you ever want to join us we would love to see you! Send me a quick message and I’ll let you know the themes and details of the upcoming events. It is a great way to smell a variety of oils, ask questions, and learn how to integrate essential oils into your daily life past your massage!

I can’t wait to pamper you!

~Amy Billings LMP


Our Spoiled fluffy Kitty.
Our puppy Arie enjoying her favorite ball at the lake.