Evergreen Wellness Spa is currently inside my Stanwood (Lake Goodwin) home. Once you have a confirmed appointment I will send you an email with my address, driving directions and some paperwork so I can better prepare for our time together.

Your spa bodywork will begin approximately fifteen minutes after our scheduled session. I encourage you to use this time to get comfortable, sip tea, chat with me about your focus areas and begin to relax!!

We will review your paperwork, select the essential oils we will be using and start your blissful journey with a foot soak. You will find I am quietly focused while you are on my table so this time allows us to discuss your needs, fears, and required comforts before we begin. Your actual “massage time” will begin once your are settled onto the table. I also provide time at the end of our session for you to regroup, have some water and get ready to reface the world! I will use hot towels to remove a majority of the carrier oil. I recommend letting the essential oils soak into the skin so please wear clothing that can get oil onto it.

Folks!! This is a big one!! Please DO NOT shave right before our time together! I promise, I will not judge you and we will both have a nicer time if you just come as you are! Some essential oils can be very soothing to broken skin, most will be very uncomfortable!! I don’t want that for you! If you do have freshly shaved skin we may need to adjust your treatment plan.

Footsie-Drop Massage for those moments when your tired piggies just need some extra L.O.V.E Aromatherapy included.

$60 30 mins

Spa massage can include light aromatherapy, cupping and deep tissue.

$100 60 mins

$140 90 mins

$200 120 mins

Essential Raindrop Massage blends the Raindrop Technique with traditional massage. This service includes over 50 drops of pure essential oil tailored specifically to your needs today. We can add cupping therapy for an even deeper release.

$ 120 30 mins table time*

$ 140 60 mins table time

$ 200 90 mins table time

$ 260 120 mins table time